John Street Kindergarten - waimate kindergarten
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John Street Kindergarten

We are an all-day kindergarten with three fully qualified and registered teachers and a teacher aide in training.  Our sessions run from 8:45am – 2:45pm Monday to Friday.

We believe that children are active learners and unique individuals.  It is our goal to foster and instil the joy of learning within each child.  Our programme strives to develop and extend the potential of the whole child in a nurturing, inclusive environment, while responding to the cultural and social needs of our families.

We have a strong bi-cultural essence to our programme and environment.  Our children participate in local festivals and te reo is integrated into our learning environment.

John Street Kindergarten provides my children with a learning environment that allows them to blossom as individuals. When George began at Kindergarten he would hardly say a word to anyone and would stand back and watch; now he volunteers to share in front of the group and is always keen to join in and have a go. It is reassuring as parents to know that your children are being provided quality education where they feel they belong, are provided a variety of learning opportunities and an environment that supports them as individuals to develop” – Parent at John Street Kindergarten Anna Melville

“Since my Daughter Ruby has started John Street Kindergarten I’ve seen a huge transformation. She is coming home counting, saying her ABC’s and even know’s what day it is right down to the date. I am very pleased with the learning Environment, she is thriving on the structure they provide which is a huge credit to the Amazing Teachers.  I would recommend this Kindergarten to anyone. Amazing” – Parent at John Street Kindergarten Nicole Williams


Monday to Friday – 8.45 – 2.45